A true 100 WATT High Powered Reflector System!

Original Sun® Flagship R™
100 Series

This lamp is designed with so much power your customers will see almost instant tanning gratification. Our fired up formula in this lamp was developed for "advanced tanners." We want to take your tan to the next level of darkness.

Introducing for 2006 from Wolff®

Original Sun® R100W: FR71

Original Sun® is a Registered Trademark of International Tan Makers, Inc.
Flagship R™ is a Trademark of International Tan Makers, Inc.

Compatible to: Cosmolux VLR, Cosmolux VLR TT, Ergoline Turbo Power VHP 20 R100W, Kalfa Sun B23S White, Midday Sun R100W, Philips Cleo Swift TL 100WR, Puretan Spectralarium R+, Signature Series R100W, Soltron Power VHP20, VIP Gold ZXR.

All of these lamps are Trademarks or Registered Trademarks of their respective companies.